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Menopause & Hormone Specialty Center is a Certified BioTE® Provider

A lot of information about menopause is available on the internet and in books; even with all that information, the process can be confusing and frustrating. Menopause & Hormone Specialty Center is a women’s health center run by Tammi Herkey, a nurse practitioner who has over ten years of experience with hormone therapy, including utilizing BioTE Medical’s method. Throughout her medical career, Ms. Herkey has always been passionate about women’s health, especially with restoring hormones to an optimal level in order to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Shreveport

When a woman’s ovaries have stopped producing eggs, they also stop producing hormones which can lead to the development of many menopausal symptoms. Symptoms include hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sleep disturbance, anxiety, mood swings, and depressive moods. A woman’s hormone system plays a major role in controlling these symptoms, which is why supplementing the lack of hormones caused by menopause has the potential to alleviate symptoms. Our hormone replacement therapy center in Shreveport is designed to balance your estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels so that the menopausal process is less of a burden.

Shreveport’s Trusted Women’s Health Center

Menopause & Hormone Specialty Center is a women’s health center operated by certified nurse practitioner Tammi Herkey. She has been focused on helping women in need receive the healthcare they deserve in Shreveport and her goal is to ensure that you know that you do not have to bear menopause alone and that you have a safe place to answer all your questions and provide support through this stressful time. Whether you are going through menopause or experiencing a hormonal imbalance, you have support in Shreveport at our women’s health center.

Hormone Optimization




The BioTE Medical’s Method for Women’s Health in Shreveport

Menopause & Hormone Specialty Center in Shreveport is proud to be a Certified BioTE Medical Provider. This method offers an alternative to simply suffering through the symptoms of menopause. This method replaces your body’s hormones through the insertion of a pellet that provides a constant release of hormones throughout the day. When compared to pills, BioTE’s method of using hormone therapy provides a more consistent dosage so that your experience fewer ups and downs throughout the day.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of menopause or a hormonal imbalance in Shreveport, you do not have to bear them alone. Menopause & Hormone Specialty Center is a BioTE Provider specializing in hormone replacement therapy for women. Women are complex which is why we provide a wide variety of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and combination therapies tailored to improve the health of women in Shreveport. Give us a call today for more details!